Stolen Dog Alerts

Case # 1       New Jersey -- taken from Beaver Brook state land area, Sarepta Road

Bad news after a great run on Saturday (11/22/2003) 2 of my dogs were snatched. The snatcher was seen by a bow hunter out and the woods and the only information I have is that his name is Larry. Apparently this bowhunter seen someone grab them, and heard someone else yell to the guy who had the dogs, "Bring the dogs down here Larry", he described my dogs to me down to the collars, so I know it was them. He thought nothing of it, he thought the dogs belonged to them. So if you are in the NY-NJ-Pa area and know anyone by the name of Larry who has two new beagles, please let me know. The dogs he stole are Dixie and Boogie you can see pictures of the dogs at
Please email with any information.

Update: Dixie has been recovered. I rec'd a phone call that she was seen running through a field in the Middletown, NY area. I went up there and sure enough there she was. Her collars were both gone, but she was in fine shape, actually had gained weight and there were no ticks on her. This only reinforces for me the thought that she was indeed stolen. I think the phone call I got was probably from the person who had her. Dixie is not the type of dog who would come around for a stranger no matter how much you feed her and I think this is why she gained so much weight. They probably realized it and called me and then dumped her off. I think they most likely did get the other dog to come around to them because Boogie is younger.

Case # 2 Missing from Tioga Center Area, NY

Beagles lost!

Update: On 4/19/2004 one of our beagles was found and returned to us. It was our 10 year old beagle named Cheyenne, we are still looking for our 2 year old beagle Chevy. If seen or found please email at info@signcompany or call 607-687-1847

Case # 3

Send any and all details (photos, where last seen, and any other facts) to, and as soon as your info is verified it will be added to this page.

The information about the dogs (whatever is found out) will become part of this permanent record. This will enable everyone, worldwide to have timely access to the information. Hopefully this will help get a dog or two back to their owners, and might even help a new Beagle purchaser avoid a pitfall of doing business with anyone committing any crimes in regards to Beagles.

Do you have any information about any of the dogs that you see here? Send it to us and help out a fellow Beagler!

If you have a website, please link to this page ( That will help with this page's search engine rankings, and allow folks to easily find this page when they're searching for info on a lost dog.


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